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Follow our club rebuild project

On the 6th March 2020 our PE Riding club was badly damaged by a huge fire - below is a gallery of pictures of the club after the fire, to show you the devastating damage to the home of the PE Riding Club.

2022 rebuild of our club - We now have a beautiful club for all to enjoy and continue to strive to make it into a better place for all to enjoy.

2022 project - Additions of the new stables and ablutions facilities.

2023 the Revamp is complete and we now have stunning club for members and visitors to enjoy

Gallery - 2021 04 27 

Gallery - 2021 02 21 - The build is progressing and the new roof is on :) 

The Building new Plan

Gallery - 2021 01 24 - Demolition and start of rebuild  

Gallery - 2020 06 - Club fire and damage

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