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Covid Update notice - please note!


Click here to register for

ShowWave Covid registration

Riders, Visitors and Members please note

New registrations : 

  • Click on the link , complete the form , answer all questions.  

  • Click on “ Submit “  ( You will not be able to submit if any mandatory questions are not answered ) 

  • You will receive a message from ShowWave ( an international dialing code +1(228) 300 2799 ) that includes a code in blue text eg 000012-345678. 

  • Copy paste only this code and send it back to the number +1(228) 300 2799 ) that sent it to you. 

  • You will then receive your QR code for this event by what's app and by email.  


Previously registered for on ShowWave ? : 

  • Click on the link , enter your name and surname and cell number. The system will recognize you and ask you to confirm your cell and email address. Then click on “ Validate “ , you will be required to update your answers to the questions 

  • Click on “ Submit “ ( You will not be able to submit if any mandatory questions are not answered ) 

  • You will then receive only an email version of your same QR code that you got for the Summer Show or Practice Jumping but you will not receive it again by whats app.  You can use the previous ( Summer Show or Practice Jumping ) code that you originally received by whats app for that show , but this will only be valid if you have registered / validated your data and questions for the next show.

  • In a nutshell , you receive 1 and only 1 QR code that is yours forever for all PERC shows , but you must still update / validate your answers for each new show.   Your code will stay the same , but the data / answers behind it will be updated for each new show.  If you do not validate / update your answers for each new show you will not be allowed entry.


  • General :

  • No-one will be allowed access without their QR code.

  • If you have access to a printer , then PLEASE print and take the printed QR code to avoid scanning delays due to reflection of the sun on a cell phone screen – this will speed up your entry. 

  • ​Each rider may only have 2 accompanying persons ( driver or groom ).  If the rider is u18 then a 3rd person ( 1 parent ) may attend

  • Please leave the venue after your last class - no socializing , congregating , spectating is allowed

  • Registrations for the next Show close at 18h00 on Wed before the show.

Please ensure we all keep safe during this very challenging support.

Adherence to the Government rules is crucial.

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